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Weaving Your Way From Arithmetic to Mathematics

Weaving Your Way From Arithmetic to Mathematics
by Mary Laycock and Peggy McLean

Weaving is a teacher's dream guide! Written for teachers from kindergarten through grade eight, Weaving will help evaluate exploratory, manipulative or abstract levels of thinking for the eleven most important topics of counting, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, proportions and percent, integers, and real numbers. For each level of every topic, there are two illustrated pages of ten to twelve activities from many of the appropriate strands.

The authors have worked with students for over twenty years developing the questions and activities in Weaving that work with children and teachers.
This book is dedicated to all the teachers who are willing to ask WHY and use the manipulatives to help students find out.

This book is a celebration of over 55 years of classroom teaching, and weaving together of "old" and "new" interpretations of a style of teaching based on ASKING and DISCOVERING by doing. It began for me in 1955 when I was asked to train elementary teachers to teach the new math meaningfully. This experience led me to create a model for an ideal elementary math program. I was able to implement this model at the Nueva Center for Learning with Peggy McLean when she was a young teacher. For years Peggy worked with me learning and modifying activities to meet all the levels of thinking in the classroom. She encouraged me to write this book.

Our close friend, Margaret Smart, has listened to us, edited and illustrated the ideas we wish to share with the world. My sister, Martha Kyzer, designed the cover to illustrate the weaving of mathematics.

Mary Laycock
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